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Department of English

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The Dept. of English is as old as the college itself. It had started its auspicious journey in 2007 with the birth of the college. But since the College Service Commission did not recommend the names of Assistant Professors then, and because of the lack of part time teachers in the beginning, the dept offered only compulsory English Course from 2007 to 2010. Then in 2010 the first Assistant Professor, Sri Sourav Banerjee, was appointed to this dept. and with that the dept started offering General English Course along with Compulsory English Course. Then onward till 2015 the number of students taking up General English gradually increased.

In 2015, with the joining of the second Assistant Professor, Sri Saumya Kanti Bhattacharya, the dept. upgraded to honours teaching dept. Our honours course started with a mere 8 students, which is not negligible considering the rural base of our college. The dropout rates of the students of the dept. have been an area of concern, but the success rate of the students of the dept. is also gradually rising.

The students of the dept. have never been confined to the classroom teaching learning programme. The students of the dept. have always had a very active co-curricular and extra-curricular presence. They have participated in sports and games, cultural competitions and have been NSS volunteers,

The dept boasts of a good collection of books in the library and the dept was also the first dept. of the college to start teaching through the smart classroom. The teachers of the dept. are trying their best to run the dept. smoothly with the co-operation of all concerned. The dept has been augmented with the promotion of Sri Sourav Banerjee to the rank of an Associate Professor in 2017, and the joining of a SACT Smt. Shipra Das in January 2020.The dept. is confident that it will rise from strength to strength in the future.


Dr. Sourav Banerjee
Associate Professor
M.A, Ph.D.

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Sri Soumya Kanti Bhattacharya
Assistant Professor & HOD
M.A , B.Ed

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Smt. Shipra Das
State Aided College Teacher (SACT)
M.A, B.Ed.

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125 May 2024poetry-in-english1st SemesterDownload
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425 May 2024[Ronald_Carter,_John_McRae]_The_Routledge_History_1st SemesterDownload
525 May 2024The Iliad-blooms-modern-critical-interpretations2nd SemesterDownload
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1025 May 2024Shakespeyarer-Samaj-chetana1st SemesterDownload
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1225 May 2024the-odes-of-john-keats3rd SemesterDownload
1325 May 2024the-new-Shelley-later-twentieth-century-views1st SemesterDownload
1425 May 2024shelley-his-thought-and-work1st SemesterDownload
1525 May 2024epdf.tips_shelleys-music1st SemesterDownload
1625 May 2024epdf.tips_percy-shelley-blooms-classic-critical-views2nd SemesterDownload
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1825 May 2024Postmodernism in Australian Literature1st SemesterDownload
1925 May 2024Cambridge History of Australian Literature6th SemesterDownload
2025 May 2024Australian Literature1st SemesterDownload
2125 May 2024[Peter_Pierce]_The_Cambridge_History_of_Australian Literature6th SemesterDownload
2225 May 2024Old man and the sea1st SemesterDownload
2325 May 2024epdf.tips_the-cambridge-companion-to-samuel-johnson-cambridg1st SemesterDownload
2425 May 2024epdf.tips_samuel-johnson-the-latin-poems1st SemesterDownload

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