Department of Bengali

Department of Bengali

About Department:

Bengali Department of Mahitosh Nandy Mahavidyalaya started its journey from 2007 which is the year of the establishment of this college. At first it started with General course. The department had offered the Honours course from academic session 2008-09. Compulsory language programme was offered as a part of Honours and General programme. At present, two full time teachers and one State Aided College Teacher (SACT) are serving the Department with their own full. Both the students and teachers are trying their hardest to improve that helps the Department holding a beautiful teaching-learning environment. That is why the Department has a dream to touch in the glorious future.


Dr. Biren Halder
Assistant Professor
M.A, Ph.D.

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Dr. Avijit Maity
Assistant Professor & HOD
M.A, Ph.D.

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Smt. Anindita Sinharoy
State Aided College Teacher (SACT)
M.A, M. Phil

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Sl.No. Title Download
1Bengali CCF SyllabusDownload
2Bengali CBCS SyllabusDownload
3Bengali 1+1+1 Old SyllabusDownload


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Study Material:

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131 May 2024বাংলা ভাষার জন্ম3rd SemesterDownload
231 May 2024উপভাষা1st SemesterDownload
331 May 2024পদ্মানদীর মাঝি4th SemesterDownload
431 May 2024সাহিত্যের রূপভেদ_ঐতিহাসিক উপন্যাস4th SemesterDownload
531 May 2024সাহিত্যের রূপভেদ_সামাজিক উপন্যাস4th SemesterDownload
631 May 2024মেঘনাদবধ কাব্য4th SemesterDownload
731 May 2024শব্দার্থ পরিবর্তনের ধারা4th SemesterDownload
831 May 2024ধ্বনিপরিবর্তনের ধারা ও সূত্র4th SemesterDownload
931 May 2024বাংলা শব্দভাণ্ডার4th SemesterDownload
1007 Sep 2023বাংলা আকাদেমি বানানবিধি1st SemesterDownload
1109 Sep 2020Upanyaser Rupakalpa5th SemesterDownload
1207 Feb 2020ব্রতকথা6th SemesterDownload
1307 Feb 2020টাইপ ও মোটিফ পদ্ধতি6th SemesterDownload
1421 Jan 2020Kalabritta Chhanda4th SemesterDownload
1521 Jan 2020Aksharbritta Chhanda4th SemesterDownload
1621 Jan 2020Dalabritta Chhanda4th SemesterDownload
1721 Jan 2020Bangla Chhander Kichhu Paribhasik Shabda 24th SemesterDownload
1821 Jan 2020Bangla Chhander Kichhu Paribhasik Shabda 14th SemesterDownload
1910 Jan 2020শাক্তপদাবলী4th SemesterDownload
2012 Dec 2019টিনের তলোয়ার5th SemesterDownload
2121 Sep 2019Aksharbritta Chhanda1st SemesterDownload
2201 Aug 2018Prakadhunik Bangla Sahitya_Anubad sahitya1st SemesterDownload

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