Department of Geography

Department of Geography

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The Department of Geography was established since the inception of the college in the year 2007. The Department has only General course. Presently the Department consists of three faculty member. The intake capacity of the department is 31 in case of General. Both the students and teachers are trying their hardest to improve that helps the Department holding a beautiful teaching-learning environment. That is way the Department has a dream to touch in the glorious future.


Sri Santanu Nandy
State Aided College Teacher & HOD(SACT)

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Smt. Riya Das
State Aided College Teacher (SACT)

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Smt. Swarnali Saha
State Aided College Teacher (SACT)

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1Geography CCFDownload
2Geography CBCSDownload
3Old syllabusDownload


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Study Material:

Sl.No. Date Title Semester Download
129 Nov 2023Elements of Rural Development6th SemesterDownload
229 Nov 2023Concept of Rural Development6th SemesterDownload
321 Nov 2023Simple Conical Projection With One Standard Parallel4th SemesterDownload
417 Nov 2023Core & Periphery Model6th SemesterDownload
517 Nov 2023Cumulative Causation Model6th SemesterDownload
617 Nov 2023Gandhian approach to Rural Development6th SemesterDownload
716 Nov 2023Windrose2nd SemesterDownload
810 Nov 2023Impact of globalization on tourism5th SemesterDownload
912 Jul 2023Planetary Wind System2nd SemesterDownload
1024 Apr 2023Factors influencing tourism5th SemesterDownload
1124 Apr 2023Classification of Tourism5th SemesterDownload
1207 Apr 2023Growth pole theory of Perroux5th SemesterDownload
1307 Apr 2023Types of regional planning5th SemesterDownload
1425 Mar 2023Climate Classification by Koppen2nd SemesterDownload
1511 Feb 2023Jon dhan Yojana6th SemesterDownload
1611 Feb 2023Pradhan mantri gram sadak yojna6th SemesterDownload
1711 Feb 2023Drought prone area programme6th SemesterDownload
1813 Dec 2022Environmental impact & management of salt manufacturing5th SemesterDownload
1913 Dec 2022Environmental impact & management of mining5th SemesterDownload
2024 Nov 2022Measures of Agricultural Productvity6th SemesterDownload
2129 Oct 2022Environmental impact & management of oil extraction5th SemesterDownload
2229 Oct 2022Exclusive economic zone5th SemesterDownload
2319 Sep 2022UTM Projection4th SemesterDownload
2419 Sep 2022Scale4th SemesterDownload
2527 Jun 2022Time Series Analysis3rd SemesterDownload
2626 May 2022Linear Scale4th SemesterDownload
2711 May 2022Comparative Linear Scale4th SemesterDownload
2803 Feb 2022Demographics transition model6th SemesterDownload
2903 Feb 2022Age sex pyramid6th SemesterDownload
3003 Feb 2022Fertility & mortality6th SemesterDownload
3106 Jan 2022Divided Proportional Circles3rd SemesterDownload
3207 Oct 2021Map4th SemesterDownload
3307 Oct 2021Co-ordinate System4th SemesterDownload
3428 Jul 2021Cylindrical Equal Area Projection4th SemesterDownload
3507 Jun 2021Bearing4th SemesterDownload
3625 Aug 2020Tropical & Temperate Cyclone2nd SemesterDownload
3709 Aug 2020Indian Monsoon2nd SemesterDownload
3825 May 2020Polar Zenithal Stereographic Projection4th SemesterDownload
3914 Apr 2020Migration3rd SemesterDownload
4014 Apr 2020Human Society3rd SemesterDownload
4123 Mar 2020Greenhouse Effect2nd SemesterDownload
4216 Mar 2020Biodiversity2nd SemesterDownload
4316 Mar 2020Plants2nd SemesterDownload
4416 Mar 2020Biome2nd SemesterDownload
4515 Mar 2020Map Projection4th SemesterDownload
4615 Mar 2020Classification of Fault1st SemesterDownload
4707 Feb 2020Ecosystem 22nd SemesterDownload
4807 Feb 2020Ecosystem 12nd SemesterDownload
4931 Jan 2020Thunderstorm2nd SemesterDownload
5007 Jan 2020Ozone Depletion2nd SemesterDownload
5129 Nov 2019Atmospheric Temperature2nd SemesterDownload
5226 Nov 2019Atmospheric Pressure2nd SemesterDownload
5322 Mar 2019Ternary Diagram2nd SemesterDownload
5421 Mar 2019Hythergraph2nd SemesterDownload
5528 Feb 2019Climograph2nd SemesterDownload
5618 Feb 2019Insolation & Heat Budget2nd SemesterDownload
5719 Dec 2018Coastal Landforms1st SemesterDownload
5819 Dec 2018System Approach1st SemesterDownload
5906 Dec 2018Fluvial, Glacier & Aeolian Landforms1st SemesterDownload
6014 Nov 2018Weathering1st SemesterDownload
6119 Sep 2018Minerals & Rocks1st SemesterDownload
6210 Sep 2018Slope Evolution1st SemesterDownload

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