Department of Arabic

Department of Arabic

About Department:

Arabic Department existed since the very beginning of this college in 2007. As we know that Arabic language is a very important language, it is one of the languages of 22 members of UNESCO and official language of 22 countries. It is one of the most widespread languages spoken by more than 422 million people across the world, besides that it is used as religious language by nearly 1.8 Billion Muslims of the world. It is also to be noted that the United Nations Organization (UNO) has adopted Arabic as its official language on 18th December, 1973 and this day is celebrated across the globe as Arabic Language Day by virtue of UN General Assembly Resolution. Keeping the importance of Arabic language in the mind, the Government of India grants fund to several schools, Madrasas, Colleges and Universities to teach this language. West Bengal also has a big chain of institutions where Arabic is taught from elementary level, diploma and advance diploma to Ph.D. Degree.

Arabic course started in our college as B.A General in 2007 and the University of Calcutta approved B.A. Honours in the academic session 2012-2013, the department has two Assistant Professors on substantive posts. There are three State Aided College Teacher (SACT). also. The intake capacity of the Arabic department as follows.

Subject Total seat General PH SC ST OBC- A OBC- B
ARABIC 48 26 NIL 11 3 5 3

From the very beginning of the Arabic department, it succeeded in producing good students. They score good marks in exams. Many students graduated with 1st class from this department. The Department hopes to continue good works and reach the academic excellence in future.


Dr. Sk. Md. Ruhul Amin
Assistant Professor
M.A, Ph.D.

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Dr. Tajammul Haque
Assistant Professor & HOD
M.A, M. Phil, Ph.D.

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Md Obaidur Rahman
State Aided College Teacher (SACT)
M. A, M. Phil

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Kazi A. B. Md Makin
State Aided College Teacher (SACT)
M. A.

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Kazi Saddam Hossain
State Aided College Teacher (SACT)
M. A, B.Ed.

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11+1+1 Arabic SyllabusDownload
2CCF- ARABIC SyllabusDownload
3CBCS- ARABIC SyllabusDownload


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122 Apr 2024Arabic SyllabusN/ADownload
214 Feb 2024sem 6 old questions 20226th SemesterDownload
312 Mar 2023commercial vocabulary4th SemesterDownload
410 Feb 2023political vocabulary4th SemesterDownload
505 Feb 2023vocabulary of technology4th SemesterDownload
613 Dec 2022عوامل الهنضة العربية3rd SemesterDownload
713 Dec 2022الأدباء الأندلس4th SemesterDownload
813 Dec 2022نواصب وجوازم الفعل المضارع2nd SemesterDownload
913 Dec 2022الدروس العشرة في المحادثة العربية3rd SemesterDownload
1013 Dec 2022تأخير الخبر وتقديمه3rd SemesterDownload
1113 Dec 2022المبتدأ والخبر1st SemesterDownload
1213 Dec 2022Characteristic of the Arabic Language6th SemesterDownload
1303 Dec 2022المقاطع العروضية6th SemesterDownload
1412 Sep 2022The Buried Child- english translation of الدفين الصغير6th SemesterDownload
1516 Aug 2022مفردات التكنولوجيا6th SemesterDownload
1612 Aug 2022صدام حسين6th SemesterDownload
1714 Jun 2022الأدب المهجر4th SemesterDownload
1809 Jun 2022اللغات السامية (DSE_B)6th SemesterDownload
1909 Jun 2022HEBRU LANGUAGE (DSE_B)6th SemesterDownload
2008 Jun 2022ARAMIC LANGUAGE (DSE_B)6th SemesterDownload
2108 Jun 2022الغة العربية(DSE_B)6th SemesterDownload
2215 May 2022اللغة السامية مؤجزا6th SemesterDownload
2304 May 2022علم البديع syllabus6th SemesterDownload
2412 Apr 2022علم البيان6th SemesterDownload
2523 Mar 2022المجاز المرسل: شرح وأمثلة6th SemesterDownload
2610 Mar 2022شرح قصيدة الفرزدق في مدح زين العابدين3rd SemesterDownload
2710 Mar 2022شرح قصيدة الفرزدق في مدح زين العابدين3rd SemesterDownload
2815 Dec 2021خلاصة تجارة رابحة5th SemesterDownload
2913 Dec 2021Translation For Students5th SemesterDownload
3007 Dec 2021الهمزية النبوية বঙ্গানুবাদ5th SemesterDownload
3105 Dec 2021সারমর্মمرتا البانية5th SemesterDownload
3220 Oct 2021أسباب هجرة الرسول إلى المدينة5th SemesterDownload
3312 Jul 2021মারতা আল-বানিয়াঃ নাট্যরূপে5th SemesterDownload
3402 May 2021الدول العربية6th SemesterDownload
3512 Feb 2021life history of the prophet at a glance5th SemesterDownload
3610 Feb 2021الكناية6th SemesterDownload
3704 Jun 2020Human Rights1st SemesterDownload

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