Department of Political Science

Department of Political Science

About Department:

The department of Political Science is as old as the college. It offers only General course and the intake capacity is 185. Although it was a single-man department for a long time, now there are two Assistant Professors to share the responsibilities of departmental work. At present Smt. Moumita Sil (Ray) is the HOD and Sri Bikash Naskar is the other faculty member at the department. Besides the regular curriculum the department strives to provide for a holistic development of the students.


Dr. Moumita Sil (Ray)
Assistant Professor & HOD
M.A, Ph.D.

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Bikash Naskar
Assistant Professor
M.A, B.Ed.

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Sl.No. Title Download
1UG POL. SC. CCF. Sem 3 & 4Download
2UG POL. SC. CCF. Sem 1 & 2Download
3UG POL. SC. CBCSDownload
41+1+1 UG Pol.Sc.Download


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Study Material:

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108 Jul 2024Law Making Procedure in India for MDCC & Minor students of Semester-II2nd SemesterDownload
202 Jul 2024Indian Parliament: Structure & Functions for MDCC & Minor Students2nd SemesterDownload
309 Nov 2023Mahila Court5th SemesterDownload
409 Nov 2023অধিকারের তত্ত্ব (PPT)1st SemesterDownload
514 Sep 2023PPT on Fundamental Duties for CVAC1st SemesterDownload
624 Nov 2022রাজ্যপালের ক্ষমতা ও কার্যাবলি (PPT)3rd SemesterDownload
718 Nov 2022NHRM5th SemesterDownload
802 Mar 2022Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action6th SemesterDownload
923 Feb 2022Focus Group6th SemesterDownload
1010 Feb 2022United Nations Commission on Human Rights6th SemesterDownload
1125 Nov 2021PPT on Difference between Political Party & Interest Group1st SemesterDownload
1205 Nov 2021Tribunal5th SemesterDownload
1316 Dec 2020পরিবেশ আন্দোলন (Module II)3rd SemesterDownload
1408 Dec 2020Public Interest Litigation5th SemesterDownload
1508 Dec 2020Public Interest Litigation5th SemesterDownload
1603 Dec 2020Judicial Activism3rd SemesterDownload
1709 Dec 2019PPT on Panchayati Raj System3rd SemesterDownload

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