Department of Education

Department of Education

About Department:

“Education means enabling the mind to find out that ultimate truth which emancipates us from bondage of the dust and gives us the wealth, not of things but of inner light, not of power but of love, making the truth its own and giving expression to it.”

-Rabindranath Tagore

Department of Education was introduced in the year 2007, since the inception of our college. Firstly, the discipline started with general course from the academic session 2007-2008. The department obtained the three years honours degree under the affiliation of University of Calcutta in the year 2012 and started in the academic session 2012-2013. CBCS started from the session 2018-2019 as per the guideline of the University of Calcutta in our department like all other departments. Since the beginning this department has been playing a pivotal role in the enhancement of students learning. The sole purpose of the department is not only to expand the horizon of knowledge of the students but also to make them a complete human being. Teachers of the department encourage all students to gather more effective and joyful learning and also try to encourage individual thinking as well as co-operative activity among the students both inside and outside of class.


Dr. Suchandra Banerjee
Assistant Professor
M.A, B.Ed, M. Phil, Ph.D.

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Dr. Prahllad Gain
Assistant Professor & HOD
M.A in Education & Sanskrit, B.Ed, Ph.D

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Smt. Sumana Dey
State Aided College Teacher (SACT)

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1Education (Hons.+Gen.) Syllabus, Under CCFDownload
2Education (Hons.+Gen.) Syllabus, CBCS SystemDownload
3Education (Hons.+Gen.) Syllabus, 1+1+1 SystemDownload


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116 Jan 2024Psychotherapy6th SemesterDownload
210 Jan 2024Process of Communication1st SemesterDownload
303 Jan 2024Schizophrenia6th SemesterDownload
404 Sep 2023Principles of Listening skills3rd SemesterDownload
504 Sep 2023Principles of Management3rd SemesterDownload
609 May 2023Sampling6th SemesterDownload
720 Apr 2023Hypothesis6th SemesterDownload
820 Apr 2023Literature Review6th SemesterDownload
902 Nov 2022Social mobility3rd SemesterDownload
1002 Nov 2022Mass media1st SemesterDownload

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