Institutional Distinctiveness

Institutional Distinctiveness

Communal Harmony

Mahitosh Nandy Mahavidyalaya has the distinction of being the first institution for higher studies in an area where obtaining higher education had been a painstaking and lavish endeavour for the local learners. Within a 16 km radius no other college exists. This institution has successfully done the dual job of imparting quality education to the native learners spending less efforts, time and money. This institution has supposed to become a blessing for the native learners belonging mostly to lower and lower middle class strata of the society.

In addition, Mahitosh Nandy Mahavidyalaya has the distinction of achieving a linguistic diversity because of its being a college teaching four languages— Bengali, English, Sanskrit and Arabic. It is one of the few colleges under the University of Calcutta where Arabic is taught. The Arabic faculty of this college has quenched the thirst of learning Arabic not only of the local minority students but those from the entire Hooghly district. Students even from other districts come to study the same here.

The brightest area distinct to the priority of Mahitosh Nandy Mahavidyalaya has been its communal harmony and peaceful ambiance. India is a country of multi-ethnic culture where people belonging to different religious, racial, cultural and linguistic identities live together harmoniously and peacefully. Communal harmony is the hallmark of democracy. It is an eternal value of constitutionalism and inherent attribute of democracy. Our college has always been an ideal testimony to this. This college is situated at the junction of Antpur, a sanctum of Hindu culture associated with Swami Vivekananda and Furfura Sariff, a holy place of pilgrimage for Muslim community. This college does not encourage any specific community, nor does it represent any specific communal thoughts. It respects all communal philosophies. Students of various castes, creeds, sections and religions are our beneficiaries since the birth of this institution. We have number of Hindu students from different castes and sub-castes in addition to Muslims. Institution has developed team spirit among its stakeholders including management, teachers and students. Our students learn and celebrate together and have a friendly relationship among them. We have respect for every religion in our routine practices as institutional philosophy. Our festivals are celebrated together.

Our Practices

  1. Celebration of Festivals:-
    In this institution we celebrate various days and organize programs like college social, cultural competitions, seminars etc. Our students celebrate together irrespective of caste, creed and religious beliefs. Hindu and minority students united organize ‘Milad-al-Nabi’ and ‘Vani Vandana’. Together they perform different actions for ‘Milad’; together they distribute ‘prasadam’ in ‘Vani Vandana’.
  2. No Restriction on food and wearing culture:-
    We do not have restriction and we never force to any stakeholder of our institute to adopt food and wearing of any specific culture and community. Male and female students can wear their dresses according to their own choice and customs. Muslim students wear dresses according to their religion and custom, as do the Hindu ones. Students are being wished in class rooms to encourage cultural respect and interaction.
  3. Communal Harmony among Teachers: –
    Our teaching and non-teaching staff is an ideal example of communal harmony. All staff members of this institute are appointed merely on the basis of their abilities and qualities besides their caste and creed. It has resulted proper synchronization of various castes and community people in our staff including Hindu and Muslim. HODs, Coordinators of Faculties, members of administrative and statutory bodies are selected irrespective of their caste and creed. No discrimination is made among teaching and non-teaching staff to share common room, kitchen and all amenities.
  4. Communal Harmony among Students: –
    No discrimination is made among students in terms of caste and creed. There is a strong presence of friendly relationship among students despite of their caste and creed. Students respect each other’s cultural beliefs and religious practices. Peace and harmony have always been maintained. Not a single incident of political and communal unrest has been reported so far. With a goal to build a strong and vibrant India, students from all communities celebrate days like Republic Day, Independence Day etc. Together they work as volunteers in various magnanimous NSS programs. Through these activities students get acquainted with different cultures of our nation helping to develop tolerance and harmony towards regional, linguistic, communal, socio-economic and other diversities. This also creates an inclusive environment in the college and society.

We respect all cultures and creeds, and are happy to inhabit a plural space where healthy interactions help us to live and cherish our rich heritage, thereby reflecting the Vision of our college— DISCIPLINE,DEDICATION AND DEVOTION.